Monday, 17 June 2013

My birthday BBQ

Hi all ,hope your having a great Monday so far.
Im super happy because I went shopping today, just me and Alannah, I spent some of my birthday money, Umm Its not till Wednesday but my parents are going on holiday tomorrow so I could get my present early.

Anyway I saw my mam and dad yesterday before mine and my uncles birthday BBQ (his birthday Is tomorrow) my mam gave me my present anddd guess WHAT!!!!????????
I GOT A NIKON CAMERA Oh my god I just couldnt belive It, Its red aswell just stunning :)

Anyway I will do a post tomorrow about what I bought today, I just wanted to share some pictures with you.
 Isnt my camera just beautiful!!!!!!!

 Alannah playing with daddy
 My mam thinks she posh but I caught her with a bottle of beer, Ha! 

 My little munchkin :)

 Awww lovely Jaycob, my cousins boy

 My uncle paul (also birthday boy) and my auntie ann

 Alannah and daddy again

 Some people just chilling :)

 Me, sophie (my cousin, Jaycobs mam) and my mama :)

 Awww haha Jaycob was pushing Alannah In his swing :)

 My cupcakes :)

 My uncles cake :)

 She enjoyed the chocolate cake!!!

 My dad dressed as a tramp, he couldnt be bothered to get changed after work 

Me and robwhen we got home, we was both knackered!

Hope you enjoyed my pictures and I forgot to mention the pictures of Alannah are just for you Noor :)

Saturday, 15 June 2013

HAC For the first time.

Afternoon all :)
Ive been spending quite abit of time on Pinterest, Its safe to say Im well and truly obsessed with It, just browsing makeup and crafts etc.

Well I came across HAC yeah I was confused aswel but anyway I did more researching and found what It means. Highlight and contour.

I did It for the first time about 10 minutes ago and Im super impressed, I will never do my makeup the way I did before EVER!

If your a dumbass at makeup like me then there are tons of tutorials all over Pinterest and youtube.

Ive took some pictures to show you, If you look at my nose on the first picture, It looks more defined. I know I crap picture but I just wanted you all to get the idea :)
Excuse my hair, I couldnt be bothered and just tied It up, plus Im dying It later on.

I thought It would be really difficult to do at first but once I got started It was super easy, last night I was browsing the web looking to buy highlighters and all that stuff but I figured that all I needed was bronzer and a light eyeshadow (I used a super light cream colour) Im so happy with the results that later In the week Im going to do a tutorial :)

Have a super Saturday :)